Poached apple and pear tart

This recipe will make you boulder 8b, attract a hot mate and make masterchef look like little chef. Seriously though, its mega calories !! but will make you smile as a big treat for climbing your latest project. INGREDIENTS serves 8
 For the poached pears and apples :
2 pears (Williams are good) and 1 apple (Sharp […]

Time to campus

So, you think you need more power. more finger strength and more beastliness…well campussing can give you that edge. Campusing has long been the mainstay of achieving big results with minimum fuss. If you want to know quite how campusing has impacted on climbing. Google Wolfgang Gullich, Action Directe. It is also the easiest way […]

Blokfest @ Westway

Managed to get myself a front row ticket to the final of blokfest at the westway on Saturday. Watching these top level guys and girls crushing world cup style blocs was pretty inspiring. Hopefully these images give the audience a chance to see the determination and focus in their faces.